The RG5 is the latest addition to the expanding RevGrips product line. By diameter, the RG5 slots nicely in between the medium and large sizes, but boasts a subtle ergonomic design to offer more support where it is needed. 

The ergonomic centre is joined with ribs along the underside of the grip to increase traction. The RG5 model is available in the same Pro and Race series options as their previous 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and half-waffle). 


Lighter, more tunable, and tons of colour options make the Pro Series grip the ultimate grip system. 


The Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System is simply a “Bare-Bones” version of the Pro Series grip. The performance is preserved, but eliminating the clamp lightening process, colour options, tuning options, and installation tools makes it the more affordable option. 

All parts are upgrade-able and interchangeable between Race and Pro Series grips, so you can add coloured grips, lightened clamps, or a Tuning Washer Set to adjust performance at any time.

Once you have a set, any part can be replaced individually or in an entire Rebuild Kit.

Are you a Rev Grip owner interested in trying the new RG5? Replacement grip sleeves can be found here

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