EXT Fork Service

We are an authorized service centre for EXT in Canada and can handle your servicing/tuning needs with a quick turnaround, from our Squamish HQ.

We are set up to service the ERA fork, with stock of all lubricants and parts needed to service to EXT standards.


  • ERA service including new air side seals, damper seals, re-valve damper if necessary, wiper seals, rebuild and test: $300
  • ERA service including new air side seals, damper bleed, wiper seals, rebuild and test: $210 (if damper seals are in good condition)
  • ERA Lowers Service, including new wiper seals and fresh bath oil: $90


Lowers service information*:

Service of the lower legs/dust wiper change of the ERA can be carried out at home. In order to do so you will need to have EXT L1S grease for the seals and loctite 243 for the foot nuts, available here

Dust Wipers are available here 

If you would like to carry out a lower service yourself at home, please download the PDF instructions here

Lowers service video

*Please note Alba Distribution or EXT are not liable for any damage caused during a lowers service at home. 

    For more info or to book in your fork for service, email us! 

    Shipping address for service work:

    Alba Distribution

    1091 Commercial Place

    Unit 225

    Squamish, BC

    V8B 1B5