EXT Shock Service

We are an authorized service centre for EXT in Canada and can handle your servicing/tuning needs with a quick turnaround, from our Squamish HQ.

Rear Dampers:

Whether a routine service, travel/length change or tuning to your requirements, we have you covered.

Do you have a custom link on your bike, a custom frame or are a frame builder? We can help you design a tune for your bike and unlock all of the potential of your ride!

Travel and eye to eye can be changed, if you have bought a new bike for example, and want to use your EXT shock. The only time where this is not financially viable is when you have a trunnion mount shock and need to change to a standard eyelet, or vice versa. The amount of parts needed for this conversion makes it not a worthwhile conversion.  In this situation it’s better to sell the existing shock and buy a new one.


  • Standard service Storia/Arma/E Storia, includes seal kit:   $245
  • Shim/Tune change upcharge:  $30
  • Travel Change (same eye to eye): $295 if you want to keep the old parts. We can exchange the parts for the required ones and keep your old ones, then the cost is $250 for service + travel change.
  • Travel and eye to eye change: $565 - $670 depending on combination of sizes before and after

All travel/length changes include a service at the same time.

These prices are for V3 dampers. Whilst we can work on V2 and older dampers, they often have parts that we don’t have in stock which may cause delays.

    For more info or to book in your shock for service, email us! 

    Our shipping address for service work is:

    Alba Distribution

    1091 Commercial Place

    Unit 225

    Squamish, BC

    V8B 1B5