We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product - the Ochain•R
Revolution. Regulation. Real, finally available after a long R&D process.
Ochain•R is the top of the Ochain range, allowing users to quickly and easily change the 'degrees of freedom' with one allen key without any disassembly.

What does it do for you?

The Ochain is an active spider, allowing the chainring to rotate backwards in order to disengage the transmission from the suspension, improving the whole riding experience and the bike’s performance. Our engineers defined four setup possibilities, resulting in different degrees of proportional rotation. The defined options are: 4° / 6° / 9°/ 12° . Each one stands for a different degree of freedom your transmission can get for you to fulfill any riding condition and style. See the chart below to better understand:


The Ochain is engineered for being used by those appreciating a more stable adjustment. Changing to different degrees is easy and possible but requires disassembly of the unit in the workshop.

The Ochain•R makes it easy to switch from one setup to another in seconds, using a 2.5 allen key. Imagine doing four DH laps and promptly testing all four degrees options to choose the best one for that track. Or finding the perfect setup on every single Enduro stage with a single allen key.


How does it work?


An allen key is all you need to disengage the system by rotating the black regulation nut backwards. With the same allen key, you can now chose the degree of freedom of your choice, using the laser-etched lines as a guide. To finish, lock back the system and you are ready to ride.


What's inside?

On-the-fly adjustment made possible by a moving rack that modifies the "starting point". A conical coupling and a spring system ensures precision during adjustment. Developing the Ochain•R gave us a special opportunity to revise and optimize tolerances on the entire Ochain product range. Ochain•R adapts to most direct mount cranksets, it fits a standard BCD 104 chainring and it is designed to replaces the 3mm offset model.


Ochain•R details:

  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum / 6082 Aluminium / Steel Inox 316
  • Offset: 3mm (6 mm / 7,5mm with Ochain Kit)
  • Chainring Standard: BCD 104 only, Oval chainring compatible
  • Weight: 150g
  • Fitting: Sram, Shimano, raceface, FSA, Etherteen, Hope.
  • Rider weight limit: 120Kg

World-class riders like Neko Mulally and Loris Revelli have been involved in the development and evolution of the new Ochain•R.

"The first time I tried this new version of the Ochain was at the US Open last year and I was able to quickly change between Ochain settings throughout the practice session to get me bike set up for that track, which was flatter than most other tracks I races last season. It was really handy to be able to do that with a simple turn of an adjuster." - Neko Mulally


We are proud to share with you Ochain•R and its technology as an upgrade to our existing product range. We feel you will love it as we and more and more riders do. Available now!