About Us

Since 2016 Alba Distribution has delivered high end outdoor goods direct to our customers as well as through our extensive dealer network. We are a knowledgeable, customer oriented company, based in the best place in the world to ride your bike, The Sea to Sky. We pride ourselves in representing quality products and providing customer service to match. As a rider owned and operated company, every product you find on our site you will also find on our personal bikes. Alba Distribution is owned and operated by Ben Arnott and Matt Cooper.

Ben Arnott has experience on the World Cup and Enduro World Series circuits, working as mechanic for such riders as Laurie Greenland, Angel Suarez, David Trummer, Neko Mulally and most recently, Jack Moir. Ben is also a qualified Mechanical Engineer who has worked for multiple bike companies, with highlights including designing Chromag's Dagga pedal and full suspension line of frames, as well as designig Neko Mulally's Frameworks project frame.

Matt Cooper has spent the last 10 years working in the industry in various roles including sales and inventory management. Matt's formal training is in accounting.