Introducing Era V2

A little over a year ago EXT officially launched their first suspension fork. It quickly gained popularity and became an immediate success. Despite their extensive experience in the motorsports world, the Era was their first dedicated MTB suspension fork. Its quick success confirmed their development process, and that they were focusing their efforts in the right areas. 

A few standout features like the HS3 hybrid coil system and unique crown design solidified it as a no compromise, high performing fork. A fork that rose above the rest, even under the most demanding riders. 

Never one to rest on their previous success, the Era V2 aimed to continue the path started by the V1 release. Building off of the V1, updated features improve performance and reliability.

New Magnesium Lowers

New Magnesium lowers, lighter and load-optimized through Thixomolding.

RLP System

The new "RLP" radial lubrification pocket system is employed in a new DU design. Small pockets in the inner part of the bushing trap some of the oil ensuring the stanchion stays lubricated under the heaviest of loads. There are also 3 backup channels to improve pump lubrication. 

Floating Axle Design

Decoupling the hub and fork alignment improves sensitivity. 

Improved HS3 End-Stroke Devices

The HS3 end-stroke system has been revised and improved to increase reliability and smoothness in the harshest riding conditions. 

++ Chamber Top Up Bumper

New top up bumper and titanium plate reduce the ++ chamber noise. 

V1 production has been discontinued as the V2 Era is an upgraded and revised design of the same fork. Want to know the best news? All V2 upgrades are available to retrofit an existing V1 fork. Support for the V1 Era continues and there are plans to release a special upgrade kit to change a V1 fork to a V2 fork.