Revolution Suspension Grips (Rev Grips) is the exciting new addition to our ever growing list of high end cycling brands. Rev Grips may have appeared to come out of nowhere, but the California based company has been manufacturing products in their Californian facility since 2006. It was not until they set their sights on revamping the traditional lock on grip that they broke into the mainstream.

The mountain bike grip has followed the same formula for quite some time. They are available in a number of different widths, shapes and mounting configurations. Grips are typically very personal, and what some prefer others may dislike. Essentially they all accomplish the same task with options to better suit your personal desires. The Rev grips break away from the traditional mold and offer a grip platform like no other. By suspending the grip body between the lock on clamps, away from the handlebar itself, the vibrations from the handlebar are kept from being transferred into the riders hands and arms. This decreases hand fatigue and “arm pump”. The concept is simple, but the result truly game changing.

Rev Grips offers two different version of their revolutionary suspension grip, the Pro series and the Race series. The Pro series grip is their top of the line grip. It comes with tuning washers, lighter clamps and colour options.


The Race series grip has all of the same benefits of the suspension technology, but with no frills or adjustments which keeps the cost down. 

Both series of grips are available in four sizes small (31mm) medium (32mm) half-waffle (32mm) and large (34mm). Keep in mind that the Race series grips can be upgraded to the Pro series grips. Not only are Rev Grips highly adjustable, they are also fully rebuildable. Every piece is available on its own or in a number of different rebuild packages.

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