We are excited to add distribution, sales and service of Extreme Racing Shox (EXT) to our growing portfolio of high end outdoor goods. EXT may be a name you are unfamiliar with in the mountain bike suspension game, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are inexperienced. EXT has over 55 years of experience in suspension and specializes in hydraulic damping systems. Their history in F1 and Rally is littered with world championships and industry firsts. In 2014 EXT turned their sights to mountain bike suspension and over the last 5 years have released and updated two very unique shock platforms.

EXT offers two shock absorbers for mountain bikes which are both currently in their V3 iterations. The Arma (Weapon) and Storia (Story) are both coil shocks and both employ EXT’s hydraulic bottom out control or HBC. The HBC system allows you to have all the advantages of a coil spring (small bump sensitivity, reliability, mid stroke support) but with ramp up in the last 15% of travel to improve control on large hits.

The Storia is EXT’s trail shock absorber and employs their proprietary LOK pedalling platform system. It is also equipped with low speed rebound, low speed compression and high speed compression adjustments. The HBC (which is tuned from the factory) handles the bottom out control giving riders extra support deep in the shocks stroke.

The Arma is EXT’s downhill shock absorber. It also employs low speed rebound and compression adjustment as well a high speed compression adjustment. Instead of the LOK pedalling system EXT has made the HBC externally adjustable on the Arma which allows riders to fine tune their bottom out support.

Every EXT shock is custom built to match specific riders need’s and bike kinematics. Two springs are included with every shock and they receive a full dyno test before leaving the factory. Additionally every shock can be resized or revalved to adapt to a rider’s changing needs.

Want an EXT shock for your bike? Click here. Have an existing EXT shock that needs a freshen up or size change? Book service and tuning here.