EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4
EXT Arma V4

EXT Arma V4

Mounting Style

Introducing the all new EXT Arma V4. The Arma has been totally revamped after listening to feedback from riders and retains it's position as the premium MTB damper on the market.

No more harsh top-out.
• Unique rebound system to avoid harsh top-out while improving bike platform stability
• Patent pending

HSC and LSC now adjusted with 5 and 4mm allen keys

Spring thrust bearings included to reduce the chance of spring noise/bind

• Most of internal sliding parts are coated with proprietary Ultra-Low Friction Technology.
• Proprietary PDV coating of the shaft surface for durability and strength while reducing friction.
• Carbographite bushes and aeronautical seals design to keep perfect sliding and super low stiction

Damper comes without a spring. Springs can be found here. Mounting hardware is frame dependent and is available here. If you are unsure what mounting hardware you need, email us.

At checkout, use the 'Add special instructions' option to add rider weight, bike model and year and riding style (as well as any other information you think is important).

Spring rates can be calculated here 

• 3 way adjustable (LSC-HSC-LSR)
• Unique patent pending PSR technology to avoid harsh top-out while improving bike platform stability
• Improved adjustable HBC technology: no more bottom-out on the last 20% of the stroke with more energy absorption
thanks to new hydrostatic seals design
• Introduction of 5mm adjuster for high compression valve
• High turbulent flow valves: no more risk of cavitation
• Ø14 mm PVD shaft surface with ultra-low friction coating to increase durability
• Spring Thrust Bearings to improve straight alignment in case of spring side-load conditions
• Reservoir with large volume bladder design and very low reservoir pressure (55PSI) for maximum sensitivity
• New high viscosity index oil to provide consistency through the run
• 30% lighter steel spring, designed from motorsport and tested to perform over 500,000 cycles
• Designed for Downhill racing
• 100% assembled in Italy
• Metric measure (Standard or Trunnion mount)


WEIGHT: 401 grams
210x55 mm Standard mount - no spring


210 / 50 mm
210 / 52.5 mm
210 / 55 mm
230 / 57.5mm
230 / 60 mm
230 / 62.5 mm
230 / 65 mm
250 / 67.5 mm
250 / 70 mm
250 / 72.5 mm
250 / 75 mm

185 / 50 mm
185 / 52.5 mm
185 / 55 mm
205 / 57.5 mm
205 / 60 mm
205 / 62.5 mm
205 / 65 mm
225 / 67.5 mm
225 / 70 mm
225 / 72.5 mm
225 / 75 mm

We are also an authorized service centre for EXT, get in touch if you need your shock serviced or retuned!