WPL Bio Bike Wash Concentrate

WPL Bio Bike Wash Concentrate


All the benefits of our powerful bio-based, eco-friendly bike wash in a concentrated format for riders needing a larger supply. Simply dilute the concentrate with 4 parts water and 1 part concentrate to achieve the same formula as our regular Bio Bike Wash. Using less plastic and transport less water makes this item a must for anyone serious about bike maintenance!


  • 5:1 ratio means 200mls of concentrate produces 1L of bike wash
  • Advanced surface-active compounds cuts through dirt and contaminants
  • Class-leading eco-friendly formula made is 100% biodegradable, VOC-free and Phosphate-free
  • All-purpose cleaner for all bicycle parts and frames, including carbon
  • Safe on seals, anodized metals, disc rotors and brake pads
  • Made in Canada


1. Consume a bottle of regular Bio Bike Wash.
2. Fill regular Bio Bike Wash bottle with 200mls (1/5th) of concentrate.
3. Fill rest of bottle with water.
4. Use as normal.