We are excited to add Ochain to our ever expanding portfolio of high end outdoor goods. What is an Ochain device? Well, if you have ever ridden your bike without a chain you may have noticed that it responded differently; as a suspension bike moves through its travel there can be some negative side effects that can alter the suspension's performance and even the rider's body position. These effects are commonly referred to as pedal kickback. Put simply, this is the amount of rotation that your cranks will rotate through, counter-clockwise, when you go from 0-100% of your suspension travel. The Ochain device was designed to combat these effects and allow your bike's suspension to perform at its best. 

If you follow the downhill World Cup circuit, there are a few miraculous chainless runs that have had viewers questioning how well a bike can perform without a chain. In fact, it was these two standout performances that led Ochain founder Fabrizio Dragoni to develop the Ochain device. In the 2014 World Champs, Neko Mulally's chain broke out of the start gate and he pushed on to finish fourth. A year later, Aaron Gwin suffered a similar mechanical in Leogang. He not only finished, but was the fastest rider of the day. 

Spurred on by these performances, Fabrizio developed the patent pending Ochain device that we know now. True to its claims, the Ochain disconnects the suspension system from the cranks, allowing it to work uninhibited. In 2020 Reece Wilson piloted his Trek Session (equipped with an Ochain) to a World Championship. 

However, Ochain is not just for downhill. It will have a complimentary effect on any suspension bike with chain growth (99% of bikes out there), and in fact can have a bigger effect on most trail bikes that have high pedal kickback numbers.

The Ochain device is available in two finishes, Nero (black) and Pregio (natural). 104BCD chainrings can be fit to the device from 30t all the way up to 36t.


The Ochain device is easy to install and compatible with a variety of cranksets. It is suitable for Boost spacing trail bikes and DH bikes. It can also be configured between 6, 9 and 12 degree setups. Which makes it suitable for a wide variety of riders and terrain. 

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