Pro Series Stem

Pro Series Stem

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The all new RevGrips Stem certainly isn't cheap, but the best never is.  There are plenty of inexpensive stems on the market that work just fine.  We designed something considerably different with unique advantages and an unparalleled level of quality and craftsmanship that takes much more time to produce.  The same can be said for our grips and there's just no way around it.  

The RevGrips Stem epitomizes our company mission which is to design superior, groundbreaking products that WE want to ride.  We are driven to bring unique and innovative features to otherwise stale components in order for them to carry the RevGrips badge.  After the design and development dust settles, we figure out how to optimize manufacturing right here at RevGrips HQ in the USA.  It's that backwards process that makes our products the best in the industry.  Our Stem continues on the same path set forth by our Suspension Grips.

We designed the RevGrips stem to be the best looking, most feature packed in existence.  It looks amazing and performs precisely as it should while drastically cleaning up your cockpit with integrated features never seen before in the MTB industry.  

Unique Features:

- Mount a Headlight or Camera on the top/center of any RevGrips stem with our optional Accessory Mount (LINK HERE).  NOT included with stem purchase, sold separately.

- There's a built-in Trail Bell (LINK HERE) - We machined a pocket in the 50mm stem (Bell does NOT work in the 40mm stem) between the handlebar and steerer tube that can accept an optional trail bell which can be silenced quickly and easily.  NOT included with stem purchase, sold separately.


The Stem does NOT include the Light Mount and/or Trail Bell.  Those are OPTIONS and are available separately.  The Stem ONLY includes the Body, Face Plate, and Hardware.

Technical Spec's:

Handlebar Diameter: 31.8mm and 35mm 

Length: 40mm, 50mm

Stack Height: 40mm

Rise: 3 degrees

Weight (without accessories):  40mm/35 Bar/147 Grams - 50mm/35 Bar/156 Grams