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DYED BRO Frame Protection Straya


We at DYEDbro feel the pain from all the Australians and their struggle after all the wildfires this past couple of months. This is why we decided to launch the "Pray for Straya" frame protector. With this special edition we want to raise funds to send to organizations and animal shelters across the country and help all those animals that are now homeless. We are from Spain and we weren't sure which would be the best options to make the biggest impact with our donations so we teamed up with three of the best Australian mountain bikers to choose them. 

David Mcmillan, Troy Bronsnan and multiple world champ Sam Hill have helped us choose these organizations. So during the whole month of March and April we will be donating 50% of the profits from all the “Pray for Straya” frame protector to these 3 organizations:
- Adelaide Koala Rescue ( https://www.akr.org.au/ )
- WIRES rescue organization ( https://www.wires.org.au/  )

Designed by our good friend Victor Brousseaud and available in black or white. Make difference with your purchase.