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The chances are good that you have heard of Formula. You know, the Italian bike company best known for their hydraulic brakes? But have you ever heard of AIM? AIM was a motocross company that was founded in Italy in 1972 and for over fifteen years made innovations that would help shape the future of motocross and enduro racing.

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Revolution Suspension Grips (Rev Grips) is the exciting new addition to our ever growing list of high end cycling brands. Rev Grips may have appeared to come out of nowhere, but the California based company has been manufacturing products in their Californian facility since 2006. It was not until they set their sights on revamping the traditional lock on grip that they broke into the mainstream.

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We are excited to add distribution, sales and service of Extreme Racing Shox (EXT) to our growing portfolio of high end outdoor goods. EXT may be a name you are unfamiliar with in the mountain bike suspension game, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are inexperienced.

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